Santiago Barreda
Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Physiology, University of Arizona

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xsampatoIPA [phonTools]

This functions is a tool to convert x-sampa representations of vowel phonemes to values that can be used to plot IPA symbols. The top figure was created by calling the function with no parameters, which allows the user to compare x-sampa to IPA. the second figure is an example of a very simple plot using IPA symbols that was created by converting a vector of x-sampa representations to values that can be used to plot IPA.  




Code used to generate examples:

library (phonTools) ## compare x-sampa and IPA vpwel charts xsampatoIPA () ## convert a vector IPA = xsampatoIPA (c('I','3','{','e','Q')) ## inspect results par (mfrow = c(1,1), mar = c(4,4,1,1)) plot (1:5, pch = IPA, cex = 2, ylim = c(0,6))