Santiago Barreda
Postdoctoral Researcher, Dept. of Physiology, University of Arizona

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vowelplot [phonTools]

*** This function has been deprecated and is no longer being developed. I recommend using vplot() instead, which is more flexible and gives the user more control over plotting. ***

vowelplot is a function which facilitates the plotting of vowels on a formant-space, including the easy creation of vowel plots with IPA symbols (this functionality is new to phonTools v.0.2-0).

IPA symbols may be specified using text labels with descriptions of vowels in x-sampa. Plotting IPA symbols may also be facilitated with the use of the xsampatoIPA() and pickIPA() functions included in this package. Although IPA plotting works 'out of the box', exporting plots as pdfs may require some tweaking.

The image below displays some examples of the sorts of plots that can easily be made using vowelplot. These examples are by no means exhausitve, in most cases these plotting options may be combined with each other. The code used to generate this plot is given below the image.




Code used to generate examples:

library (phonTools) data (pb52) # load Peterson and Barney vowel data par (mfrow = c(2,2), mar = c(4.2,4.2,1,1)) # specify panels # standard layout with linear axes vowelplot (pb52$f1, pb52$f2, pb52$vowel, xsampa = TRUE, cex = 1.25) # alternate layout with log axes vowelplot (pb52$f1, pb52$f2, pb52$vowel, logaxes = 'xy', alternateAxes = TRUE, xsampa = TRUE, cex = 1.25) # category means only vowelplot (pb52$f1, pb52$f2, pb52$vowel, logaxes = 'xy', meansOnly = TRUE, xsampa = TRUE, cex = 3, alternateAxes = TRUE) # category means only with standard deviation ellipses vowelplot (pb52$f1, pb52$f2, pb52$vowel, logaxes = 'xy', meansOnly = TRUE, ellipses = TRUE, xsampa = TRUE, cex = 3)