Santiago Barreda
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC Davis

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pitchtrack [phonTools]


Track the pitch in a sound at given time intervals. Window lengths and time steps may be specified by the user. Returns analysis time points, signal f0/pitch, and autocorrelation values at these points. Pitch tracking is carried out using a simplified version of the algorithm using in Praat (described here), including corrections for lag value and window function. When plotting pitch tracks, the point sizes are proportional to autocorrelation values. Pitch tracks may be plotted separately or superimposed on spectrograms.



Code used to generate examples:

data (sound) ## compare waveform and power par (mfrow = c(2,1), mar = c(4,4,1,1)); ## to generate a pitch track pitchtrack (sound) ## to add a pitch to a spectrogram spectrogram (sound) pitchtrack (sound, addtospect = TRUE)