Santiago Barreda
Assistant Professor, Department of Linguistics, UC Davis

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makeFIR [phonTools]


Designs Type I FIR filters using the window-design method. This allows for the user to specify an arbitrary frequency response for a filter, and the specification will be more accurately represented as the filter order increases. In the example below, I have specified an unusual filter and passed white noise through it, with some nice results. 



Code used to generate examples:

## specify a filter with an arbitrary response frequency = c(0, 500, 502, 5000, 5002, 7000, 7002, 11025) dB = c(0, 0, -50, -50, -10, -10, -70, -70) ## create the filter and verify that the frequency response is as desired makeFIR (frequency, dB, verify = TRUE, order = 500, signal = rnorm (1400))